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WBAI- King Downing & Juliana, DJs

July 4, 2019

Thank you for playing ‘Adversidad’ by Karina Colis

WWUH-Maurice Robertson, DJ, Photographer

May 2019

Thank you for playing ‘Fantasy’ by Nioka Workman!

Drumset Magazine - Isa Fraschini
March 01, 2017
"an interesting mix of jazz, classical and world styles that shows the potential of stringed instruments in "extra-cultured contexts," but above all the strength, beauty and creativity of women in music ... excellent drummer, Karina Colis is a pleasant discovery in beautiful evidence with great solos on Ellie, T'ainchy Blues and with intriguing and hypnotic brush-work on her "Adversidad." Good album."

Jazz Weekly - George W. Harris
February 24, 2017(see article)

WKCR: Jazz Alternative - Sharif Abdus Salaam
February 23, 2017
Thank you for supporting "That's What She Said" Sharif!

O's Place Jazz Newsletter - D. Oscar Groomes
February 20, 2017
Firey String Sistas-That’s What She Said -4/4 O's Notes: Firey String Sistas are a 5-piece chamber jazz ensemble with Nioka Workman (cello, vocals, perc), Marlene Rice (violin, vocals, perc), Melissa Slocum (b), Mala Waldron (p, vocals, perc) and Karina Colin (d, perc). They have a cool approach that is more vibrant than the traditional chamber jazz quintet. They've got just the right amount of swing and Bluegrass with lots of plucking, bowing and singing to make this a rewarding session. Highlights are "Ellie", "T'Aincy Blues", "Fantasy" and "Castle In The Sky".

All About Jazz - Hrayr Attarian
February 07, 2017

“The innovative and versatile cellist Nioka Workman leads the, New York based, dynamic ensemble Firey String Sistas, on the group's captivating sophomore album. The delightful That's What She Said... consists of eight originals that explore various styles with a jazzy sensibility and thematically cohesive manner.

…That's What She Said... is a charming and delectable work by five supremely talented musicians. It is simultaneously accessible and sophisticated, poignant and erudite and, as such, should have a wide appeal. It certainly whets the appetite for more to come from this exceptional collective.”

JazzdaGama - Raul da Gama
February 02, 2017
Firey String Sistas! That’s What She Said
By Raul da Gama -
"With genealogy going back a generation to Mal Waldron, Reggie Workman and Sonny Rollins, there’s enough stellar energy in Fiery String Sistas to fire up a constellation. Add to that the fact that this is an all-girl group and we have something more to crow about. However, none of that actually matters because, quite simply, each of these five women is prodigious talented in her own right making the proverbial whole infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. What more is there to crow about? The swagger can be hardly contained by the versatility of Mala Waldron, Nioka Workman, Marlene Rice, Melissa Slocum and Karina Colis. Each of the Firey String Sistas brings a thoughtful approach to original material (the only tune not composed by a ‘Sista’ is Cedar Walton’s “To the Holy Land”). Each musician speaks the language of her instrument with authority, conviction and idiomatic elegance. The result is, of course, That’s What She Said an album of boundless visceral excitement and energy.”
(Based in Canada, Raul da Gama is a musician and an accomplished writer whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically.)

Sea of Tranquility - Jon Nuedorf
January 16, 2017
Firey String Sistas!: That's What She Said…
"The Firey String Sistas! is an all-female New York based quintet featuring you guessed it, strings. The band consists of Nioka Workman (cello, vocals, percussion), Marlene Rice (violin, vocals, percussion), Melissa Slocum (acoustic bass), Mala Waldron (piano, vocals, percussion) and Karina Colis (drums, percussion). This talented ensemble combines jazz, blues and other styles like world music but really this is first and foremost a jazz album inundated with nice melodies and uncompromising musicianship. Every song features some excellent soloing, whether it be bass, piano, violin or cello. It is an interesting approach to jazz and by no means is this a self-indulgent album. The solos are always tasteful and fit the scope of the song. The melodies can be spry and upbeat as in the soulful jazz of the album opening "Shine" and the solo filled "Ellie" with some nice scat style vocals or more subdued like the calming "Adversidad" and the slow and ethereal jazz of "Fantasy". Besides the great musicianship That's What She Said… is an album that breathes heart and soul. One can't ask for anything more than that."

WFDU-A Broad Spectrum - Mary Foster Conklin

Thank You for playing selections from That's What She Said....

December 01, 2016
Thank You For playing 'T'Ainchy Blues' by Marlene Rice and "Adversidad" by Karina Colis. Cheers!

Midwest Record - Chris Spector
November 16, 2016
A&EC FIREY STRING SISTAS!/That’s What She Said…: The vibe here is taking me back to early Norman Conners and early Stan Clarke (he wasn’t Stanley then). You are my starship with a violin leading the way? These ladies are mostly second generation jazzbos sired by hell raisers and boundary pushers so the civil rights jazz vibe is an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. And probably more than appropriate for the times we’re living in. Certainly not for easy listening jazzbos, this isn’t crazy stuff, it’s just not easy listening either. Smart stuff for left leaners to check out. Volume 40/Number 16 November 16, 2016 MIDWEST RECORD CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

Jersey Jazz - Tony Mottola
December 09, 2016

Strings on Fire
Feb. 2015 Cover Story
"All of the performers displayed impressive technique, not to mention more than a modicum of swing,......."

Hightops and Heels Blog - Priscilla Amado
December 09, 2016
Thank you for supporting Firey String Sistas! Priscilla.

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