Photo Credits: Hollis King

Firey String Sistas! is a highly intuitive and energetic ensemble that provides a refreshing alternative to the standard Jazz band. Since 2011, the ensemble has been committed to pushing the limits of string, ensemble playing, and improvisation to the next level.

Founder and cellist Nioka Workman is joined by stellar artists, violinist Marlene Rice, bassist Endea Owen,  vocalist/pianist Mala Waldron, and percussionist Camille Gainer-Jones.

Firey String Sistas! presents compelling performances that incorporate aspects of women’s culture, original compositions, American songbook standards, world music, and Jazz. Some of the ensemble’s celebrated programs include “Women, Wine & Song” and the popular JOYOUS! A Chamber Jazz event for the holidays.

"...five supremely talented musicians..... sophisticated, poignant and erudite.... a wide appeal." Hrayr Attarian

“Impressive technique not to mention more than a modicum of swing” Tony Mottola, Jersey Jazz Journal

"...uncompromising musicianship....excellent soloing."

Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility