Our Journey began in 1998, straight out of the New School.  In addition to freelancing, I have produced and created platforms for Jazz and new music since the '80's. In addition to creating a voice for myself as a cellist, I have always wanted to create environments where women have a strong voice in the musical scene.


"To Reggie and Elaine thank you for a beautiful morning song and for creating Collective Black Artist leading me to be who I am today. My beautiful' Sistas,  lets continue to INSPIRE each other".  - Nioka Workman


Photo Credits: Arthur Cooper



Marlene and I met at Steve Coleman's session for the Genesis CD. A few engagements later we decided to form Sojourner, a string collective performing Jazz and new music. Sojourner became the string section for several recording artists including Greg Osby, Jessica Simpson and India Arie. With India's Acoustic Soul CD, we were featured live on Saturday Night Live and the Oxygen network.

"Shout out….thank you for the re-plug, the journey continues to twist, turn, swing and sway...lovin' the ride."-Marlene Rice


Firey String Sistas! have had several different configurations including string quartet with harp and percussion. A few engagements with WBGO's Jazz series led to the beginning of an incredible collaboration with Mala Waldron. She agreed to cover for one of our artist singing and playing piano. Jazz harp brought a fantastic colour to our band, but finding Mala led us in a wonderful new direction.


"Much gratitude for inviting me to join this wonderful group of multi-talented women…. this project also holds a special place in my heart because of the bond Reggie Workman and Mal Waldron (our fathers) shared in playing together all those many years.  Making music, feels like the most natural & beautiful by-product of that friendship, and I look forward to many great things to come."  -Mala Waldron
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We met Bassist Melissa Slocum in the studio. We were called in to play Craig Harris' string tracks for Hollywood star Avery Brooks. Melissa is performing currently with both the Firey String Company and the Firey String Sistas!.

" A wonderful collaboration of great musicians. I am  honored to be counted among such lovely, talented and Firey Sistas!"  -Melissa Slocum
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Our drum chair has always been a challenging one to fill. The drummer has to be willing to add flavor without covering the strings, support the bass and lock with the piano. We have been fortunate to work with amazing artists like Berkeley grad Karina Colis and Dorota Piotrowska from Poland.


I met virtuoso drummer Camille Gainer Jones in New York City playing with the Wallace Roney band at Joe's Pub. Camille's dynamic beats and innovative style had impressed me so much ten years ago. We are thrilled to have her join us.


 Camille at Botanical Gardens

Camille at Botanical Gardens


The Journey continues….

We develop music within the group. In our third year we decided that it was time to produce a CD. When Darrell Bridges from Arts & Education Continuum decided to become our executive director, we recorded our first CD "That's What She Said" in November 2016 at Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyn.


 Socrates Park 2017

Socrates Park 2017


We've had a very fruitful year performing and promoting our CD for family audiences of no less the 250.  Firey String Sistas! have appeared in several major venues like Brooklyn Academy of Music, South Jersey Performing Arts Center and  in outdoor festivals like Coltrane Day Festival and the Jazzy Jazz Festival just to name a few.


When we sold out two performances for our recent APAP 2017 event , opening for internationally renowned composer and producer Clifton Anderson, we decided it was time to go on the road.


 APAP NYC 2017